Female Urinary Bottle 1000cc  - Translucent

Female Urinary Bottle 1000cc - Translucent

  • $11.99

bout the product:
  • Made of high quality durable plastic material. Female's urinal do not have a lid. 
  • Fit for Medline Urinary Incontinence person
  • Women portable potty
  • Sturdy grip for easy handling
  • Graduated in 25 cc and 1 oz. increments up to 1000 cc/32 oz. Capacity: 1 qt/1000 mL. 36/case

Translucent Patient Bedside Female-Urinal. A better alternative to a fracture bedpan, this urinal is more comfortable for the patient and they can use it at their own convenience, saving time for nurses. Less prone to spillage, this body design is elongated and comfortable. The pronounced neck angle helps to confine the contents when the urinal is positioned horizontally.