SuperSoft Four Panel Binder

SuperSoft Four Panel Binder

  • $39.00

Ideal for use following abdominoplasty and both upper and lower abdominal liposuction.

Same great features as our traditional fourpanel binder, but now featuring an extra-soft elastic and streamlined lightweight design for a better contour.  “Gap-free” stitching provides an uninterrupted, even distribution of abdominal support while offering flexibility.  Also features front Velcro® closure that offers universal adjustability. The binder is made of elastic with plush lining for enhanced patient comfort. 

Available in White (12” width)

Sizes: Unisex  S – XL

Health Tip:

Due to long, continuous periods of time that you may need to wear the garment, it is recommended to purchase 2 garments. Having two garments will enable you to always have a fresh clean garment, while the soiled one is being hand washed and dried.