Virtual Nurse Service on Line

Virtual Nurse Service on Line

  • $399.99

If  you are having a cosmetic / Plastic surgery procedure know that we understand that some of the most valuable people in our lives require special attention and dedicated care. Sometimes, trying to fulfil the demand as a caregiver can be overwhelming and all consuming.   It is important to monitor your vitals signs during recovery?   

If you are a loved-one needing assistance,  we are here for you!

We are offering Virtual Post-Op Care that will include:

Medication  Log

Drainage  Log

Medical Equipment - Blood Pressure Cuff, Pulse-Oximeter & Thermometer

Nursing care begins after discharge of Surgery  (6) hours - virtual nursing care - LIVE)

Next day virtual care - Live ( 2)  hours virtual nursing care 


We encourage and promote good health, so we designed the virtual post-op nurse to allow the caregiver, family or friend to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure and saturated oxygen.

What is the most essential is knowing that you are recovering healthy during this pandemic.