About Us

The New You Recovery Kit is your on-line one stop shop for all your cosmetic / plastic surgery supplies!  Our recovery kits are designed and bundled for your particular surgery aftercare needs, or you can just create your own kit to fit your particular needs (Mix & Match Products). 

We understand that so many individuals are privately having cosmetic/plastic surgery with-out after-care support.

We put your “Health Care First”! 

If you are having a family member/friend providing you after-care, you need to be well equipped! "You need to know your vital signs! " That’s why our recovery kits include essentials such as your basic medical equipment’s; Incentive spirometer, pulse-oximeter, digital blood pressure monitor and much more, we're adding value on your life for a good healthy recovery.

You will get the benefit of saving time, research and money with The New You Recovery kits.

“We want you to relax knowing that absolutely everything for your after-care has truly been prepared for you!”